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Digital relaxation

Sunday, May 19, 2024 | 1 comment

Through sensitivity to tension for relaxation as therapy Prof. Dr. H. Göbel A contemporary therapy for migraines, headaches [...]

happy Easter

Sunday, March 24, 2024 | 0 Comments

"Pain is atonement" was said in the Middle Ages. "Pain is based on a mechanical basis" said René Descartes. Anyone who experiences pain needs [...]

The Kiel Pain Clinic: Overview

All information about inpatient admission to the Kiel Pain Clinic

Inpatient treatment

All information about inpatient admission and the course of therapy.
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All information about outpatient treatment

Outpatient treatment

All information about outpatient treatment as well as pre- and follow-up care.
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All information about the nationwide treatment network and integrated care

Integrated care

Find pain specialists and information about coordinated care nationwide.
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 You can reach us by email, telephone or fax

Email, telephone, fax

You can reach us by email, internet, telephone or fax.
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The Kiel Pain Clinic: Insights

Integrated multimodal therapy

The Kiel Pain Clinic coordinates and makes all international knowledge on the treatment of chronic pain directly available for care.
Start the video about the treatment process and impressions from patients. Find out more >

Migraine and Headache Center

Our scientific focus is the diagnosis, treatment and research of neurological pain disorders, migraines and other headaches in order to further improve future treatment.
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Cluster Headache Center

Cluster headaches are one of the most serious pain disorders in humans.
Suddenly, extremely devastating pain attacks lasting 15-180 minutes occur up to eight times a day on one side of the eye area, forehead or temple. Find out more >

Special programs

Second opinion before operations

Are you planning to have surgery on your hip, shoulder, knee or spine in the near future?
TK insured people can get a second opinion from us. Find out more >

The new migraine app

The app analyzes the process, advises the user, reacts appropriately to alarming signals and suggests active behavioral measures.
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Master of Migraine and Headache Medicine

Master of Migraine and Headache Medicine (MMHM) course of study will start at Kiel University from winter semester 2021/22 .
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Focal points

All forms of primary and secondary headaches, acute and chronic forms and their complications.
Primary and symptomatic head and facial neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, all forms of facial pain.
Nerve root irritation, pain after disc operations, spinal diseases.
All forms of pain in diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. Post-traumatic headaches, pain after cervical spine trauma, pain from nerve injuries.
Integrated care means that treatment is not restricted by professional boundaries. The isolation of outpatient and inpatient care areas will also be lifted. Experts from various medical fields work together to treat patients hand in hand using modern scientific methods. Outpatient and inpatient treatment are closely coordinated.

Mission & Vision

The Kiel Pain Clinic was founded in 1997 as a scientific model project from the Kiel University Hospital by Prof. Dr. Hartmut Göbel founded and contractually supported by the AOK. With the Techniker Krankenkasse, the concept was then adapted for nationwide care and an innovative outpatient-inpatient treatment network with over 400 pain therapists in practice was initiated nationwide. Today, the clinic works as a nationwide center in the context of multimodal pain therapy with coordinated treatment plans and regional pain therapists in practices and clinics. Our clinic treats over 1,500 patients from all over Germany every year, around a quarter of the patients come from Schleswig-Holstein. In order to provide care for all patients, it was included in the hospital plan at the end of 2013. In addition, in accordance with the care contract in accordance with Sections 108 No. 3, 109 SGB V, the clinic provides acute, fully inpatient treatment (Section 39 Paragraph 1 SGB V) for the indications of chronic pain in diseases of the health insurance associations for insured persons living outside Schleswig-Holstein central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system including the muscles as part of neurobehavioral medical treatment procedures.
Our treatment concept focuses on neurological pain disorders such as migraines, chronic headaches and other pain disorders associated with diseases of the nervous system. These are among the ten most disabling conditions and, after dementia and stroke, one of the three most expensive neurological diseases. Traditional sectoral care and medical specialist boundaries increase their tendency to become chronic.
The core is multimodal pain therapy, i.e. the consistent interdisciplinary implementation of international scientific knowledge and differentiated service requirements to meet the needs of patients, indication-specific cooperation between specialized practitioners and networking.
The aim is to provide lasting pain relief, rebuild quality of life and restore the ability to work. The clinic has received multiple awards for its innovative treatment concept, including the prize for the best implementation of integrated care in Germany. Patient satisfaction in the nationwide treatment network is very high. This is confirmed to us again and again by patients and also the health insurance companies.
We want to provide all the knowledge that is available nationally and internationally for the care of chronic pain directly to patients, both now and in the future, and in doing so take the needs of people with chronic pain into account in a highly specialized manner. We are also focusing on research into neurological pain disorders, migraines and other headaches in order to further improve future treatment. The collaboration between innovative health insurance companies and specialists has enabled exemplary progress in care nationwide beyond standard care. These must be maintained and expanded.

facts and figures

Patient satisfaction + 96%
Restoration of ability to work + 82%
Patients nationally/abroad + 75%
Cost - 35%


Painkillers/day in Germany
Migraine attacks/day in Germany
Million euros costs/year in Europe
different types of headaches