The award recognizes innovations in education, self-help work and care

Kiel, November 28, 2014. At a ceremony in the Kiel Yacht Club, the German Migraine and Headache Prize from the German Headache Treatment Network was awarded for outstanding, innovative journalistic education, sustained commitment to self-help and the implementation of new ideas for better care for those affected.

DSC_4022 Prof. Dr. Hartmut Göbel, initiator of the German Headache Treatment Network and chief physician at the Kiel Pain Clinic, presented the German Migraine and Headache Prize 2014 in the media sector to the film producer Dr. Manfred Bölk from Cologne for his SWR/ARD documentary “Migraine, a common disease: What helps against pain attacks?” The jury found that the film conveyed the latest scientific findings correctly and understandably in an exemplary manner. The viewer can directly understand and experience the biological processes of migraines and headaches. At the same time, it was possible to convey the effects of migraine suffering emotionally and to make the viewer feel directly. The film creates understanding and thus also reaches people who do not suffer from migraines and headaches themselves. It enables expressive emotional points of contact and motivates people to take a closer look at the topic. Migraines and headaches affect all age groups from early childhood to old age. The documentary outlines the years of wrong paths, misdiagnoses and ineffective treatments until finally, during filming, modern, specialized and targeted pain therapy was opened. The documentary encourages people to initiate modern, coordinated migraine and headache therapy despite years of suffering; it conveys the modern biological background of the disease mechanisms and presents the pronounced individual and social effects of the widespread disease migraine. By combining scientific precision, emotional concern and communication of confidence through effective treatment options, the film is a successful example of medical education and information.

DSC_4051The German Migraine and Headache Prize 2014 in the area of ​​self-help went to Ms. Bettina Frank, Munich. Ms. Frank was early to use the possibilities of the Internet and social media to educate and inform those affected nationwide. She initiated and implemented the social network “Headbook” on for those affected by migraines and headaches. Headbook was developed by her in 2010. It is moderated by her on a voluntary basis and with commitment. It represents a modern opportunity for the exchange of information and the deepening of knowledge for all areas of migraines and headaches. Headbook is completely freely available to the general public and is the largest social network on the subject. At the same time, Ms. Frank initiated a self-help group on Facebook, the migraine community. These social networks are regularly looked after and managed on a voluntary basis by Ms. Frank. More than 5,000 active members exchange ideas every day. The social networks she founded provide over 30,000 users with up-to-date knowledge about migraines and headaches every day. Ms. Frank also organizes regular nationwide personal member meetings and provides individual advice on the subject of migraines and headaches as part of her self-help work.

DSC_4047The German Migraine and Headache Prize 2014 in the area of ​​care was awarded to Dr. med. Axel Heinze , specialist in neurology and senior physician at the Kiel Pain Clinic. The jury highlighted the years of pioneering work by Dr. Heinze excels in establishing integrated and coordinated care for migraine and headache patients. The award winner demonstrated continuous and tireless commitment over more than 20 years. Dr. During the development of the nationwide coordinated headache treatment network, Heinze brought innovative ideas into the practical implementation of integrated care and implemented them in practice. His achievements in the development of practice guidelines for the treatment of migraines and headaches as well as the translation of the International Headache Society's classification of migraines, headaches and neuralgia make current knowledge directly available for the care of migraine and headache patients. Dr. Heinze is continuously active nationwide for information, education and organization of self-help groups and for information events by health insurance companies. He leads advanced training and continuing education courses for doctors and also across disciplines for all other therapeutic professions involved in the field of special migraine and headache therapy. His committed, sustained commitment and his extraordinary achievements in improving care therefore deserve special recognition and are decisive for the award of the 2014 care award.

Prof. Dr. As a laudator, Hartmut Göbel praised the outstanding commitment, pioneering work and special commitment of the award winner. “They make the processes of migraines and headaches understandable to those affected. They show new and effective ways to provide better and coordinated care. The constant commitment, the special innovative strength, the sustained commitment to education, information and care deserve recognition.”