Kiel, March 8, 2016. This morning many people rubbed their eyes as they looked out of the clinic. The building on the opposite Schwentine bank, houses 5 and 6 of the Seefischmarkt, will be demolished and the construction site for the upcoming new building will be cleared. The impressive upcoming addition will be 27 m high, 128 m long and 63 m wide. The new research campus is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2018. The futuristic new building will help determine the future-oriented atmosphere on the banks of Schwentine for future generations. A single-story base consisting of a facade made of red-brown Corten steel will form the basis. Several building complexes will be built on top of it. These are predominantly equipped with a glass facade. The research center is said to have over 400 employees working there. The costs are set at 90 million euros. We will be able to witness the historic farewell to the previous backdrop and the creation of the futuristic, exceptionally successful building over the next two years. The Schwentine estuary will be further upgraded and become an international landmark for Kiel.