Would you like to drive your electric vehicle to the Kiel Pain Clinic and charge your electric vehicle? You have different options.

A hypercharger with 135 kW is installed about 3 minutes' walk from the Kiel Pain Clinic. The location is Tiefen Allee 2, 24149 Kiel .

You can find further wall boxes at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences (approx. 3 minutes on foot) and on the opposite bank of the Schwentine at the Geomar car park and Seefischmarkt (approx. 15 minutes on foot). You can find an overview here via this link

The pain clinic parking lot is also equipped with wall boxes. However, these cannot be used for charging patients and visitors.

If you want to see how electricity is made from water, then visit the hydroelectric power station at the Schwentine Bridge.

And we are looking forward to the fully electric ferry that will take you to and from the Kiel Pain Clinic since the beginning of 2021. You can take your bike with you on the CO2-free and silent mini-cruise for free.

In the video you can see the fully electric ferry MS DÜSTERNBROOK Ferry and the AIDAluna in the background. The Düsternbrook comes from the pain clinic in the Schwentine estuary, is traveling on the Kiel Fjord and moors at the Reventlou pier on the Reventlou Bridge.

The video below shows the fully electric ferry MS DÜSTERNBROOK in the Schwentine estuary in front of the Kiel pain clinic. It floats silently like a large model ship to the Reventlou pier at the Reventlou Bridge. From there you can also continue your journey to the main train station.