Treatment priorities

All forms of primary and secondary headaches, acute and chronic forms and their complications.
Primary and symptomatic head and facial neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, all forms of facial pain.
Nerve root irritation, pain after disc operations, spinal diseases.
All forms of pain in diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system.
Post-traumatic headaches, pain after cervical spine trauma, pain from nerve injuries.


Christel Ziegler
Barbara Sikora
Gabriele Schnoor
Phone: 0431-20099120
Fax: 0431-20099129
aufnahme@ painklinik.de

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Prof. Dr. Hartmut Göbel

Specialist in neurology, special pain therapy
Psychotherapy, qualified psychologist (Univ.)
Heikendorfer Weg 9-27
D-24149 Kiel
Phone: 0431-20099150
Fax: 0431-20099109
hg@ pain clinic.de
Homepage: https:// pain clinic.de
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Pain therapy practice

Kirstin Mielke
Phone: 0431-20099400
Fax: 0431-20099409
praxis@ pain clinic.de

Pre-/post-inpatient treatment

Ltd. Senior physician Dr. A. Heinze
Phone: 0431-20099400
Fax: 0431-20099409
heinze@ pain clinic.de


Information and contacts

Network partner

Network partner practices and pain specialists nationwide

Integrated care

Phone: 0431-20099120
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iv-netz@ pain clinic.de


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Phone: 0431-200990


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Guest room booking and accommodation for accompanying persons

book a room separately for your outpatient appointment, your visitors and accompanying persons !

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Our guest room offer

  • For accompanying persons, visitors and guests
  • For your outpatient appointment
  • For earlier arrival
  • For your extended stay in Kiel
  • 73 €/day incl. breakfast, WiFi and incl. value added tax
  • 58 €/day incl. breakfast, WiFi, incl. Sales tax per person in a double room
  • Children up to 6 years stay in their parents' room free of charge