Prof. Elizabeth Leroux, MD, FRCPC, is Director of the Headache Center at the University of Montreal, Hôpital Notre-Dame, Canada. There she is establishing the interdisciplinary treatment of chronic headaches for the care of patients in Canada. She is the initiator of the websites Migraine Quebec and Migraine Canada . Prof. Leroux is, among other things, general secretary of the Canadian Headache Society and is committed to the needs of migraine and headache patients.

Prof. Leroux visited the migraine and headache center at the Kiel Pain Clinic for a week. During our stay we were able to exchange many ideas and visions with her.

It became clear that in many countries around the world there are still major barriers to contemporary care for migraines, headaches and chronic headache disorders. Modern migraine and headache therapy requires global effort. Networking and mutual exchange of experiences help to reduce the burden on those affected more effectively and sustainably.

In the videos, Prof. Leroux reports on her experiences at the Kiel Pain Clinic.
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