“Pain is atonement” was the saying in the Middle Ages.
“Pain is based on a mechanical basis” said René Descartes.
Anyone who experiences pain does not need anyone to explain to them what suffering is.
He knows what pain is. Easter gives hope, confidence and clarity, which really supports: There is a way out of pain, a way out of darkness to light.
The Easter egg is symbolic of this: a new life grows from within that feels and recognizes.
I wish you all a happy Easter.
Hartmut Göbel

In a distant time
you go to Golgotha,
endure loneliness,
even say yes to dying.

You know what suffering is.
You know what pain is,
who are my brother,
a human being and a child of God.

Abandoned completely
by people and by God.
You offer your life
and die on the cross.

Die outside the gate,
die in the middle of the world.
In suffering you demonstrate
what really sustains and sustains.

Reborn in me.
Rise every day.
Keep me with you,
whatever may come.


(Otmar Schulz)