The Medicine Section of the University of Lübeck
invites you to the inaugural lecture

“Brain doping… with thyroid hormones?! “


Dr. med. Anna Göbel

Habilitation in the field of “Experimental Neurology”

Tuesday, the. May 19, 2020 at 5:00 p.m

The inaugural lecture will take place as a video conference.
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Prof. Dr.
med. Christopher Baum Chairman Senate Committee on Medicine

The “Herold” already describes that in the case of congenital hypothyroidism, “the brain damage is irreversible” and “if congenital hypothyroidism is treated 3 weeks too late, it is no longer possible to graduate from high school later.” But what happens in the adult brain when thyroid hormones are given or withdrawn? How exactly is brain function, brain structure, memory and behavior affected?

Dr. med. Anna Göbel completes her habilitation in the field of experimental neurology at the University of Lübeck with the inaugural lecture.