We offer clinical work in an interdisciplinary team with the opportunity for further training in neurology (2 years) and the additional qualification “special pain therapy” (1 year).

  • The remuneration is calculated according to the Marburger Bund university tariff.
  • The activity is, among other things, very suitable for balancing family and work:
  • Working hours start at 8:30 a.m.
  • There is no overtime.
  • Part-time work is possible and can be agreed individually.
  • The training is carried out carefully, so the activity is very suitable for those starting out and returning to work.
  • Shorter training periods are also possible if desired.

It is particularly important to us to create a pleasant working atmosphere for our employees.

The Kiel Pain Clinic was founded in 1997 and has since then significantly influenced patient care in pain therapy through innovative therapeutic approaches. Our treatment focus is on chronic neurological pain disorders, especially migraines and chronic headache disorders. The clinic has established itself as a nationally and internationally important reference center in these areas. In our clinic and outpatient pain center, we treat around 2,000 inpatients and around 8,000 patients every year. Our catchment area is the entire federal territory and abroad.

Colleagues interested in science have the opportunity to participate in research projects and write a medical dissertation. 

The activity is also particularly interesting when starting your career. Pain therapy is of central relevance for the entire medical professional life. The activity is therefore also suitable for professional orientation for a clinical career. A further training section in this area will sustainably promote professional competence and qualifications in all clinical and theoretical subjects.

Detailed further information can be found at www.krebsklinik.de 

Please send your application documents by email to

Prof. Dr. med.
Dipl.-Psych. Hartmut Göbel hg@ pain clinic.de  
If you have any questions, you can reach us by phone at: 0431-20099150