According to the World Health Organization (WHO), headache disorders are the third most severely disabling human illness. The demands on highly qualified specialists in the research, diagnosis and treatment of headaches are continually increasing. The University of Copenhagen and the Danish Headache Center have therefore established academic master's program in headache disorders The aim is to train headache specialists and to implement international scientific findings for care.

This significantly promotes the necessary requirements and the individual professionalization of doctors and other health professionals in the field of headache care. Participants will be familiarized with the latest research findings and will be offered a clinical placement with practical work in a world-class headache facility. Students learn to tailor individual treatment plans directly to the patient. You will be able to carry out scientific work in headache medicine. Another focus is the international establishment and organization of headache centers. The main components of the program include epidemiology, diagnostics, classification, pathophysiological mechanisms, diagnostic measures, treatment options, the organization of treatment centers and headache research.

The Danish Headache Center at the University of Copenhagen cooperates with the Kiel Pain Clinic in many areas. Prof. Hartmut Göbel trained the international participants on, among other things, all aspects of organizing a supra-regional headache center. The focus was on relevance and necessity for multidisciplinary treatment strategies. The Headache Master's program at the University of Copenhagen is a milestone for future care.

Another focus was the exchange between the Danish Headache Center and the Kiel Pain Clinic, which have been cooperating clinically and scientifically for two decades. The University of Copenhagen is building a new building on campus for headache research and treatment. It will open in a few months. There, clinical care as well as basic scientific research and application-oriented scientific studies can be carried out in one center. Prof. Jes Olesen and Prof. Hartmut Göbel discussed new developments and exchanged experiences on the organization and implementation of scientific findings in headache medicine.