The migraine app is a service from the Kiel Pain Clinic in cooperation with the Techniker-Krankenkasse (TK). The app is used to record, evaluate, document and actively share headache data. You can also receive individual treatment instructions and information based on your symptoms and your input.

The responsible body for the app within the meaning of data protection law is:

Pain Clinic Kiel GmbH & Co KG
Heikendorfer Weg 9-27
D-24149 Kiel
Email: hg@krebsklinik.de


The entries made by the user are only saved locally on the device by the app. This data will under no circumstances be passed on via the app. The only exception is the active sending of evaluations via email or other electronic means to third parties (e.g. doctors, therapists or for storage in data backup).

The Kiel Pain Clinic does not receive any information from the app about the data entered and stored on the device (except through the user's deliberate direct transmission of an evaluation).

What information is needed

  • Registration data
    The data (first and last name, picture) entered by the user at the first start (or later) is assigned to the app and saved on the mobile device. This data is only used for personal contact within the app and is not passed on/transferred. The login details are not mandatory to use the app and can also be skipped.
  • Quick entry Quick
    entry allows headache attacks to be recorded for the purpose of documentation and display in the app's own headache calendar. The data collected there is included in the evaluation in part or in whole, sometimes also in aggregate form (see below).
  • Location determination
    If the user agrees to the automatic location determination as part of the input mask, the app will be permanently authorized to use the GPS location of the smartphone.
    With each new entry of a headache attack, a new localization is carried out automatically. Based on the GPS localization, a weather service is requested (the GPS data is transmitted anonymously) to store this weather information for local use and evaluation. The GPS location itself is not saved.
  • Medication intake
    Medications taken over a long period of time can be recorded. This data will be stored locally on the device.
  • Evaluation
    To evaluate the data entered by the user, a monthly or annual evaluation can be created. The evaluation is displayed as a non-permanently saved PDF document. The user has the option of sending this document electronically (e.g. email, MMS) or opening it in other apps or saving it on other media within the scope of the device's requirements. Through this active step, the data generated can be made accessible to third parties or stored permanently without the influence of the app.
  • Progr. muscle relaxation
    As part of the progr. Muscle relaxation, a calendar entry can be automatically recorded with the date/time and duration of the relaxation exercise. This data is only available locally and can be included in the evaluation.
  • Tests (risk of chronicity, rapid test, triptan threshold)
    The data collected in the tests is only used for immediate evaluation and is not stored or processed further.
  • Midas Score
    The Midas Score is used to evaluate the last three months of the clinical picture. The data collected there is stored locally and can be used in the evaluation.

When you download the app, the necessary information is transferred to the App Store, in particular the user name, email address and customer number of the user's account, time of download and the individual device number. The Kiel Pain Clinic has no influence on this data collection and is not responsible for it.

Deletion of data

All app data on the mobile device is deleted when the app is uninstalled on the device. Evaluations/data that have already been sent are still available in the outbox of the email account and for the recipient, regardless of deletion.


The data protection declaration is currently valid and dated August 12, 2016. Due to the further development of our app or the implementation of new technologies, it may become necessary to change this data protection declaration.