Headbook was put online in December 2009 as a migraine and headache community and was the further development of our migraine forum at the Kiel Pain Clinic. The possibilities for exchange on the Internet continued to develop rapidly. The current version no longer has anything in common with a usual “forum”. A “facebook” has been created for those interested in migraines and headaches. Therefore the name headbook was not only an obvious headline, but also a program. In fact, almost everything that is known from Facebook and much more is possible.

It's obvious that something like this doesn't exist. It must be developed processually from practice and experience. Headbook was constantly being expanded, new functions were added, a wide variety of options were tested and discarded again, new ones were added and remained if they proved successful.

Headbook developed quickly, the number of members increased enormously and the exchange worked well. Members join one or more of the 53 groups with specific topics and discuss all aspects of migraine and headache treatment in approximately 2,000 forums. The combined intelligence of users far exceeds the capabilities of a single person. Everything that develops in the area of ​​migraines and headaches is immediately included in headbook, discussed and evaluated.

However, the exchange in the groups and individual forums is not exclusively limited to headaches and other pain. There is no topic that cannot be discussed.

Headbook is also used to prepare for outpatient or inpatient migraine and headache therapy. In a special group, users introduce themselves before their stay at the Kiel Pain Clinic and get to know members who are also in the clinic at the same time. headbook also provides important services after your hospital stay. We exchange ideas about the effects and tolerability of prophylactic measures, acute medications, behavioral strategies, relaxation procedures and much more. Experienced users encourage the inexperienced, answer questions, pass on their experiences and encourage them on the way to successful therapy. Over time, beautiful communities and often even friendships develop.

At regular intervals, Prof. Göbel offers a migraine and headache live chat, which is very popular. The chat is also intended as follow-up care for patients who have been discharged from the clinic.

A forum meeting takes place in Kiel once a year. From year to year, more and more members take part and take advantage of the opportunity to hear current lectures in the pain clinic, get to know members personally and experience lots of wonderful things together during the weekend together.

Headbook has now been “generally overhauled” with the latest software and completely redesigned. Together with the now over 1,500 active members and more than around 30,000 daily readers, we have created a medium that offers support and help at the highest current level nationally and internationally.