Migraine app for iPhone and iPad from the Kiel Pain ClinicOur nationally and internationally widely used and popular Migraine app for iPhone and iPad was adapted to the new IOS7 in a current update at the beginning of the year and has now also been developed in a version for the iPad. With the new operating system it not only works perfectly, it also looks beautiful. The app contains the functions already known from the iPhone, plus numerous new functions that make handling even easier and clearer. For example, the triptan threshold makes it easier to decide whether the triptan should be taken or whether it is better to wait.

Rapid headache tests and chronicity checks help you get to know and understand your own illness better. Under Migraine Knowledge you will find the most important information about the most common types of headaches. Only knowledge provides security and helps you to make the right decisions yourself.

Monthly or annual evaluations can be sent to the treating doctor by email. They can print out the calendar on site, or you can print it out yourself and bring it with you to the appointment.

A direct link leads to our migraine and headache network Headbook www.headbook.me . Here, those affected can find out more, exchange ideas and have a live chat with Prof. Göbel once a month.

The pain calendar is based on the worldwide headache classification of the international headache society. The iPad app is also available in German and English, so it can be used internationally. Depending on the setting selected, the app automatically switches to the national language.

The webcam of the Kiel Pain Clinic shows the current weather picture.

For data protection reasons, synchronization via iCloud was not used. The backup function gives you flexibility and you can keep the calendar on both your iPhone and iPad. The data always remains in your hand only on your device.

Regular updates ensure that we always stay up to date with the latest science and headache research. This app was developed by headache experts from the Kiel Pain Clinic together with those affected and is therefore tailored precisely to the needs of the user.

Download Migraine App for iPhone and iPad