Since January 1, 2022, doctors with a particular interest in the care of patients with migraines have been able to participate in the migraine special care contract of the Techniker Krankenkasse and the Kiel Pain Clinic. They can treat migraines using the most modern methods and also economically.

Who is the contract aimed at? It is for specialists with the additional qualification in “special pain therapy” or a designated special focus on migraine care. Patients must have a confirmed migraine diagnosis. In addition, therapy with CGRP antibodies must be an option for these people.

The contract offers the following advantages to doctors with a particular interest in the care of patients with migraines:

  • Prescription of CGRP antibodies to prevent migraines is already possible with two other approved previous therapies that are not effective, not tolerated or contraindicated
  • CGRP antibodies can be prescribed economically.
  • The structured and clearly regulated documentation of the prescribed CGRP antibodies offers recourse security.
  • Participating doctors are partners in an innovative cooperation.
  • There is additional compensation for the care.

We have compiled further information for you in a contract profile. If you would like to take part, send us an email to We will then send you the documents.