The migraine app is now also available for free download for Android in the Google Play Store.

Radio Podcast – The Migraine App: Application and Scientific Analysis


Embedded in a medical care concept, digital offerings can effectively support medical therapy for pain patients. An effectiveness study in the area of ​​headaches shows: If the offers have a tangible benefit, they help to reduce the pain, have a lasting effect and, according to the patients themselves, even reduce the number of days they are unable to work.

Headaches are widespread in Germany: on average, one in ten people in this country takes a headache tablet every day and one in twenty suffers from headaches every day. 28 million women are affected and 21 million men - around 50 million people in Germany in total. This makes headache the number 1 widespread disease among working people. The new app now gives patients a tool to better manage their headaches. Pain calendar, progressive muscle relaxation, best time to take medication – like a cockpit, the migraine app shows the patient where they are in the treatment process. And all information, such as the last pain attack, can be easily entered and easily read out as a headache log for a conversation with the pain therapist - whether on a smartwatch or smartphone.

“Digital self-management using the migraine app increases treatment adherence, reduces the number of sick days and improves participation in social life,” summarizes Prof. Dr. Hartmut Göbel, chief physician at the Kiel Pain Clinic, summarized the results of his study with around 200 observed patients and almost 100,000 sessions. Eight out of ten respondents (79.4 percent) praised the implementation of external influences such as weather data in the app, two out of three patients (66 percent) find it advantageous to come into contact with other patients directly via the app and around one in two ( 55 percent) said they had reduced their disability from migraines or headaches since using the app.

“Results like the study presented show the enormous potential that digital solutions and the networking of patient-related data can have for the well-being of the individual,” said Dr. Jens Baas at the results presentation. “That is one of the reasons why we are actively promoting new digital offerings,” says Baas.

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You can find more information about digital medicine and the migraine app on the Techniker Krankenkasse information pages .

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