The dfg Award is the industry award for the healthcare sector. It is awarded annually for the most innovative ideas and developments in healthcare and is therefore also known as the Health Oscar. It is awarded by the “dfg – Service for Social Policy” and “A+S aktuell – Outpatient and Inpatient Current” as well as the Berlin-based MC.B Verlag GmbH. This year, the “dfg Award® 2017” is sustainably supported by CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG from Koblenz, spectrumK GmbH from Berlin and BITMARCK Holding GmbH from Essen.

The migraine app was nominated for the “dfg Awards 2017” in the “Outstanding eHealth Applications in Healthcare (Digitization)” category, prize from BITMARCK Holding GmbH, Essen. In this category, corporations, associations, companies, institutions or individuals could be proposed that have distinguished themselves with groundbreaking and innovative products or services to improve digitalization in the healthcare sector.

The migraine app was developed in close collaboration between experts from the Kiel Pain Clinic, the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) and the nationwide headache treatment network. The app is specifically tailored to the needs of migraine and headache patients. It not only records the course on a scientific basis with active data entry. It analyzes these, informs the user and reacts appropriately to alarming signals. The app provides information about behavioral measures and shows how the desired health goal can be achieved. It was developed based on decades of experience by specialized doctors, psychologists, patients, health care experts and scientists. The migraine app opens up completely new possibilities in digital care: it accompanies and documents the personal treatment process. It provides orientation about the current status and shows new possibilities in terms of documentation, diagnostics and effective treatment. The app also provides information on relaxation methods and healthy eating, among other things, and provides extensive interactive knowledge. The app also opens up nationwide exchange and digital networking between those affected and with migraine and headache experts for telemedical treatment control.

Headaches are widespread in Germany: on average, one in ten people in this country takes a headache tablet every day and one in twenty suffers from headaches every day. 28 million women are affected and 21 million men - around 50 million people in Germany in total. This makes headache the number 1 widespread disease among working people. The new app gives patients a tool to better manage their headaches. Pain calendar, progressive muscle relaxation, best time to take medication – like a cockpit, the migraine app shows the patient where they are. And all information, such as the current pain attack, can be easily entered and easily read out as a headache log for a conversation with the pain therapist - whether on a smartwatch or smartphone.

A scientific effectiveness analysis with around 200 observed patients and almost 100,000 sessions shows: Digital self-management using the migraine app increases treatment adherence, reduces the number of sick days and improves participation in social life. Eight out of ten respondents (79.4 percent) praised the implementation of external influences such as weather data in the app, two out of three patients (66 percent) find it advantageous to come into contact with other patients directly via the app and around one in two ( 55 percent) said they had reduced their disability from migraines or headaches since using the app.

The award ceremony will take place on June 2nd in the large ballroom of the Grand Elysée Hotel on Hamburg's Rothenbaumchaussee.

Further information about the migraine app and links for the free download for IOS and Android: