The pain is for Prof. Dr. Hartmut Göbel has long been a central topic. As the medical director of the Kiel Pain Clinic, he deals with this every day. The founder and chief physician of the Kiel Pain Clinic in portrait. Prof. Dr. Hartmut Göbel is a specialist in migraines, headaches and other neurological pain disorders.

Prof. Dr. studied Hartmut Göbel Psychology and Medicine: “And pain is a unifying, central theme.” He then quickly came to the headache, as the “big pain that we all know”. In 1997, Göbel finally founded the Kiel Pain Clinic, where he has been treating pain patients every day since then as medical director. Last year he took part as a co-author in the world's largest migraine study, in which 44 new genetic keys to headache were discovered.

What role do genetics play in migraines and headaches? What different forms are there? What does migraine have to do with creativity? And what are Richard Wagner's headache compositions all about? Hartmut Göbel provides answers to these questions in “Klassik à la carte”.

Moderation: Hans-Jürgen Mende
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