The Kiel Pain Clinic is a new partner in the growing, cross-support quality network “We for Health”. The network includes more than 220 selected partner clinics as well as a large number of outpatient facilities throughout Germany that provide above-average treatment and service quality. The “We for Health” clinic network continues to grow: The Kiel Pain Clinic is the first specialized pain therapy clinic in Germany where the PlusCard tariffs from Debeka Krankenversicherungsverein aG also apply with immediate effect.

“By joining, we are pleased to be able to offer the nationwide PlusCard holders of Debeka Krankenversicherungsverein aG a high quality of medical treatment as well as the expertise and competence of our interdisciplinary team,” said Prof. Dr. Hartmut Göbel, chief physician at the Kiel Pain Clinic. Successful voluntary participation in external quality assessments such as the Quality Medicine Initiative (IQM) is the basis for inclusion in the “We for Health” network.

The treatment concept at the Kiel Pain Clinic focuses on neurological pain disorders such as migraines, chronic headaches and other pain disorders associated with diseases of the nervous system. These are among the ten most disabling conditions and, after dementia and stroke, one of the three most expensive neurological diseases. Traditional sectoral care and medical specialist boundaries increase their tendency to become chronic. The core is multimodal pain therapy, i.e. the consistent interdisciplinary implementation of international scientific knowledge and differentiated service requirements to meet the needs of patients, indication-specific cooperation between specialized practitioners and networking.

The aim is to sustainably relieve pain, rebuild quality of life and restore the ability to work. The clinic has received multiple awards for its innovative treatment concept, including the prize for the best implementation of integrated care in Germany. All knowledge that is available nationally and internationally for the care of chronic pain is made immediately available. We are also focusing on research into neurological pain disorders, migraines and other headaches in order to further improve future treatment. The collaboration between innovative health insurance companies and specialists has enabled exemplary progress in care nationwide beyond standard care. These must be maintained and expanded.

“High standards of medical quality and comfort are the prerequisites for participating in 'We for Health',” says Silvio Rahr, Managing Director of Wir for Health GmbH. “The Kiel Pain Clinic meets all the criteria, so I am very pleased that it is now part of the network.”

In times of an acute shortage of skilled workers, the PlusCard is an innovative offer for employers who use it to provide their employees with private patient convenience in the network's partner clinics as well as other services. “We are pleased that with the accession of the Kiel Pain Clinic, employers nationwide can use the PlusCard as a benefit for employee retention and recruitment. In the partner clinics of our quality network, patients are in the best hands,” says Silvio Rahr, Managing Director of “We for Health”.

Background information about the PlusCard

“We for Health” – as the largest German health network – launched the PlusCard together with the Debeka Krankenversicherungsverein a. G. developed specifically for employers. In addition to private patient convenience, the PlusCard offers the specialist appointment service, which quickly coordinates appointments and second medical opinions from experts in the network. In the “We for Health” world of benefits, PlusCard holders receive special conditions from around 200 partners in the areas of sport, leisure, family and health. With the PlusCard Family option, PlusCard holders can also protect their entire family.

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