In Germany, 900,000 people's days are lost every day due to migraine attacks. Only three out of ten migraine sufferers know that the name of this torment is migraine. Many migraine patients change doctor after doctor. They change treatment on average around eight times per year. They are disappointed in science and seek salvation in unproven treatments.

Almost everything is tried against migraines and headaches. You go to faith healers. You let yourself bend your neck and adjust the beds in the bedroom. Teeth are pulled, glasses are readjusted and the most modern foot insoles are worn. The uterus is removed and the cervical spine and nasal septum are operated on. However: the migraines and headaches remain the same. Most migraine sufferers have no concept of their illness, not even a name for their condition.

Migraine Knowledge and are intended to counteract this migraine illiteracy. Migraine is a disease, a disease in its own right, not a symptom of anything else. In recent years, science has made fascinating advances in the diagnosis and treatment of migraines. Migraines must not and must not be tolerated. The phrase “Make me healthy” doesn’t apply to migraines. You have to do the main part in treating migraines yourself. is intended to help understand how migraines occur and to find individually effective treatments. The most important prerequisite for successful migraine therapy is knowledge and information. You can find these described here.

You can find even more information about migraine diagnosis, migraine development and migraine therapy in the patient guide “Successful against headaches and migraines”, Springer-Verlag.

I wish you much success in dealing with your headaches

Hartmut Göbel Neurological-Behavioral Medicine Pain Clinic Kiel