Hammering in the head that doesn't stop. Life is a dark abyss, existence is complete torment, nausea and pain. If you're lucky, the migraine attack will be over after a few hours; if you're unlucky, it will last for another three days. But the fear remains. Because soon, perhaps tomorrow, they'll be in touch again, with the pneumatic chisels in their heads that are making life hell. For some sufferers, migraine attacks are announced. The fuse is already lit three days before the migraine attack occurs. The messengers are leaden fatigue, paralyzing exhaustion, annoyed irritability or a sad downcast mood. But also exuberant creativity, sparkling ingenuity, rushing drive, high-speed restlessness, seemingly inexhaustible stamina, longing for sweets or unstoppable yawning.

Migraine: The migraine app documents the course of migraines and supports migraine prevention and acute migraine therapy

The migraine app supports contemporary migraine therapy

Before the migraine pain attack, some of those affected experience slowly spreading light phenomena like at dawn: zigzag lines in the field of vision, glaring light or whirring flickering. They can be accompanied by dizziness, tingling sensations, speech disorders, fruitless search for words, difficulty concentrating, tiredness or even loss of consciousness. This section of the attacks is called migraine aura Aurora, the graceful goddess of the dawn, lent her name as godmother. Auras typically develop over 20 to 30 minutes and then slowly fade away.

The migraine pain breaks out no later than an hour after the migraine aura begins. Every movement and vibration intensifies it. They hammer and knock like the pistons of the Titanic at full steam, as if a thousand trains were jumping off their tracks. Continuing the activity is out of the question. You withdraw, go to your bedroom, suffer in your own dark hell, secluded for up to three days. Smells, sounds and light hurt. The shutters and doors are closed, suffering has once again imposed merciless house arrest without doing anything. Nausea, choking urge to vomit and insatiable vomiting in a torrent exhaust you and question your last will to live.

On the following pages you will read where the symptoms of migraines come from and what you can do about them yourself. And you will understand that you don't only have migraines during the migraine attack. Migraines are a peculiarity of the brain. It also has an effect between attacks. And this basic functioning of the nervous system is permanently effective. It is genetically determined by heredity. You therefore have to adjust to it and understand it. Then you can manage migraines proactively instead of letting them dominate and drive you.

You will also receive detailed information about how your doctor can help you with modern medical options.