SignThe Techniker Krankenkasse offers courses for children and young people between the ages of eight and fourteen at 15 different locations. The nationwide treatment offer is currently being developed. Addresses with locations where the courses take place can be found below. The addresses are constantly being updated. Information is available below:

TK prevention advice

Tel: 08 00 – 285 85 85
(toll-free within Germany)

Information about the nationwide headache treatment network:

Kiel Pain Clinic
Telephone 0431-20099-400

Facilities and practices where courses are offered:

Giftedness & Health
Karin Joder Hamburger Chaussee 8
24113 Molfsee
Tel: 04 31 – 305 34 06

Neurological-behavioral medicine pain clinic Kiel
Heikendorfer Weg 9-27
24149 Kiel
Tel: 0431-20099-400

Hans-Günter Riedel
children's and
Adolescent psychotherapist Guerickestr.4a
23566 Lübeck
Tel. 0451-605955

Bernd-Josef Steinwachs Child and adolescent psychotherapist
Rotkehlchenweg 15
23769 Fehmarn OT Burg
Tel. 04371-864860