Treatment priorities

All forms of primary and secondary headaches, acute and chronic forms and their complications.
Primary and symptomatic head and facial neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, all forms of facial pain.
Nerve root irritation, pain after disc operations, spinal diseases.
All forms of pain in diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system.
Post-traumatic headaches, pain after cervical spine trauma, pain from nerve injuries.

The inpatient admission

The Kiel Pain Clinic is an approved hospital in accordance with Section 108 SGB V and is included in the hospital plan of the state of Schleswig-Holstein (plan hospital). In addition, in accordance with the care contract in accordance with Sections 108 No. 3, 109 SGB V, the clinic provides acute, fully inpatient treatment (Section 39 Paragraph 1 SGB V) for the indications of chronic pain in diseases of the health insurance associations for insured persons living outside Schleswig-Holstein central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system including the muscles as part of neurobehavioral medical treatment procedures. Insured people from all statutory health insurance companies, all private health insurance companies, those entitled to benefits and self-payers are treated. To be admitted to hospital as an inpatient, you need a doctor's prescription for hospital treatment and proof of medical necessity based on the previous findings. This must provide sufficient justification for fully inpatient therapy.

The waiting time before admission varies. The individual illness is also taken into account and the time until admission can be several months.

As a specialized center for chronically ill pain patients, the Kiel Pain Clinic provides outpatient and inpatient treatment to those affected throughout Germany and abroad. Numerous innovative health insurance companies have regulated coordinated, integrated care in accordance with Section 140a ff SGB V with our treatment network. This enables participating insured persons to receive extended and coordinated treatment with significant advantages over and above the usual standard care. We will inform you of this when you register and you can decide whether you want to take part in standard care or expanded integrated and coordinated care (see below).

For those insured by health insurance companies for whom there is an agreement for integrated care, the indication, the coordinated treatment beyond standard care and the reimbursement of costs are clearly regulated nationwide in a smooth and unbureaucratic manner.

Integrated care

You only realize how much health insurance is worth when you actually need it. It depends on their performance. Health insurance companies that are committed to modern care for their insured persons proactively provide modern, coordinated care, especially for chronic and complex pain disorders, as an alternative to traditional standard care and off-the-shelf treatment. Bureaucratic hurdles are removed in favor of a goal-oriented treatment organization that is clearly regulated for everyone involved. Numerous health insurance companies have therefore agreed on integrated care for their insured persons with our treatment network beyond the traditional standard care. This applies to insured persons Technicians' Health Insurance, the Barmer replacement cash register, the Hanseatic health insurance company HEK, the 50 contract funds of the BKK North West regional association: actimonda BKK, atlas BKK ahlmann, BKK Akzo Nobel – Bavaria -, BKK DEMAG KRAUSS-MAFFEI, BKK Deutsche Bank AG, BKK exclusive, BKK Freudenberg, BKK Gildemeister Seidensticker, BKK Herford Minden Ravensberg, BKK IHV , BKK MAHLE, BKK Melitta Plus, BKK MEM, BKK Miele, BKK Mobil Oil Munich (formerly HypoVereinsbank BKK) , BKK MOBIL OIL, BKK PFAFF, BKK Pfalz, BKK PHOENIX, BKK PUBLIK, BKK RWE, BKK Salzgitter, BKK SH, BKK Technoform, BKK Textilgruppe Hof, BKK VDN, BKK Vital, BKK Economy & Finance, BKK Würth, BKK ZF & Partner, BKK24, Continentale BKK, Debeka BKK, energie-BKK, Heimat Krankenkasse (formerly BKK Dr. Oetker), Metzinger -BKK, pronova BKK, R+V company health insurance company, Salus BKK, TUI BKK, Vaillant BKK, WMF BKK, BKK Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), BKK Linde.

When you are admitted, we will inform you about the possibility of taking part in integrated care. You can find specific information here on our homepage under the respective treatment programs for integrated care.

You need these things

The prerequisite for inpatient admission to carry out specialized inpatient pain therapy is chronic pain disorders that cannot be adequately treated with outpatient or rehabilitative measures. Due to legal requirements, we have to check this before admission. To plan your admission appointment, we ask you to complete the following points.

Statutory additional payment

We ask you to note that every patient with statutory insurance must pay an additional payment of 10 euros for 28 days. The hospitals are obliged to collect this additional payment. The additional payment is regulated in accordance with Section 39 Paragraph 4 SGB V (fully inpatient hospital treatment).


For self-payers, a commitment from the health insurance company or the patient is required to cover the costs. There is eligibility for aid.

Admission of children

Children can be admitted to hospital at any age. Accompanying persons can either be accommodated in the child's room or in guest rooms in the clinic.

Information about the treatment process

You can find detailed information about the treatment process on our website Homepage and in ours Clinic information brochure

Further individual information about inpatient admission can be obtained
by email Please be so kind as to inform yourself in detail about the general formalities here on our homepage. In the Internet age, we do not send brochures and documents by post. Telephone: 0431-20099120
Fax: 0431-20099129

Outpatient pre- and post-treatment

The registration for outpatient pre- and post-treatment as well as to the outpatient follow-up examinations in our headache center as part of integrated care is possible via:
Phone: 0431-20099400
Fax: 0431-20099409
praxis@ pain clinic.de

What you should bring with you to the consultation

Please compile the following documents for outpatient treatment and bring prepared copies of all documents for your stay with us to your appointment:

  1. Copies of all preliminary findings (you can get them from your family doctor or referring specialist)
  2. If necessary, x-rays and copies of the findings reports (you can get them from your family doctor or referring specialist)
  3. Pain calendar kept over a period of at least three months - here in paper form, the pain calendar as a browser version , or as an app for iOS and Android that can be downloaded free of charge under the name Migraine App .
  4. Pain questionnaire
  5. Headache questionnaire
  6. If necessary, list of all medications, previous treatments and hospital stays
  7. Health insurance card and, if necessary, referral from your family doctor or specialist

Consultation hours with Prof. Dr. Hartmut Göbel

One Appointment for the outpatient consultation of Prof. Dr. Hartmut Göbel can be contacted via the chief secretariat.
Phone: 0431-20099150
Fax: 0431-20099159
E-mail sekretariat@weckklinik.de

Waiting times

In order to keep waiting times in the practice short, we make appointments by telephone . But medical work, especially in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain, often cannot be planned in advance. Please be patient with us if it takes a little longer! Call us before you head to your appointment. We will tell you if there are any delays and discuss with you whether you can come later accordingly. When you come to us for the first time, remember what a previous patient said: “It’s not how long you wait, but what you wait.”

Help our team with scheduling: When making your appointment, please let us know if your visit will require special time. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please be sure to notify us, even at short notice!

Please compile the above documents yourself and bring copies with you to keep with us. This relieves us and leaves more time for you and your treatment. Thank you.

Many questions about organization and treatment are also discussed in our migraine and headache forum:
Headbook - The patient forum of the Kiel Pain Clinic

Guest room booking and accommodation for accompanying persons

book a room separately for your outpatient appointment, your visitors and accompanying persons !

Email reservation request

Our guest room offer

  • For accompanying persons, visitors and guests
  • For your outpatient appointment
  • For earlier arrival
  • For your extended stay in Kiel
  • 73 €/day incl. breakfast, WiFi and incl. value added tax
  • 58 €/day incl. breakfast, WiFi, incl. Sales tax per person in a double room
  • Children up to 6 years stay in their parents' room free of charge


Neurological-behavioral pain clinic Kiel
Heikendorfer Weg 9-27
24149 Kiel
Telephone: 0431 – 20099-0
Fax: 0431 – 20099-129
E-mail: kiel@krebsklinik.de
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Route planning to the Kiel pain clinic with Google Map

The way to the pain clinic


Location map and directions (Windows live local)
Location map and directions (google map)

Arrival by plane, train and car

There are very cheap flights to Hamburg from most airports in Germany, which are often significantly cheaper than train and car connections.

There is a direct, comfortable bus connection between Hamburg Airport and Kiel Central Station, the Kielius Bus . The buses run every hour. You can find the current timetable here .

From the main train station, bus line 11 goes to the pain clinic, stop Grenzstraße,
timetable bus line 11 Hbf- Grenzstraße

There are taxis in front of the main train station. The journey to the pain clinic, Heikendorfer Weg (approx. 15 minutes) costs around 10 euros.

You can also take the ferry from the main station to the Wellingdorf pier.
The ship timetable for your mini cruise to the Kiel Pain Clinic
Online timetable of the Kiel Fördeschiffe

Arrival by car from Hamburg via A7 to Bordesholm motorway triangle, then A215 to Kiel.
Directions from Flensburg via A7 to Rendsburg motorway triangle, then A210 and finally A215 to Kiel.

In Kiel always follow the signs “ Ostuferhafen”

After crossing the Schwentine in Neumühlen-Dietrichsdorf, follow the signs to “Ostuferhafen” . Leave the B502 (Ostring) through the tunnel to the left into Heikendorfer Weg (please do not continue straight on to Heikendorf). The Kiel Pain Clinic is located after approx. 200 m on the left on the banks of the Schwentine estuary.

Simply have your luggage delivered from your home to the pain clinic with Hermes and brought back when you are discharged. With the “courier luggage” offer, you can conveniently collect your luggage from home and have it delivered to the pain clinic! You can buy your courier baggage tickets on bahn.de. Ordering the Hermes courier luggage service is possible until 12 noon on the working day before luggage collection The delivery time is usually 2 working days.