1. Try to reduce the stress in your life.

Migraines are a neurological disease and are not caused by a stressful life. Certainly excessive stress can be a trigger, but it is never the cause of migraines.

2. You look really good, not sick at all.

Most of those affected do not notice the disease unless they are caught in an acute attack. A statement like that offends, so it's better to avoid this “compliment”.

3. It can't be that bad, I also have a headache sometimes.

Migraine, especially chronic migraine, is not a simple headache, but one of the worst pain conditions that afflict people. It is one of the most serious disabilities, especially for women. So it's not just the typical one-sided, stabbing, throbbing, pulsating headaches - no, the entire body is affected. Sometimes the attack begins with aura symptoms, and you also suffer from nausea and/or vomiting, dizziness, exhaustion, and hypersensitivity to light and noise.

4. Get some fresh air and do more exercise!

Those affected love and need fresh air and go outside as often as possible. Moderate endurance sports can have a prophylactic effect and are often practiced during pain-free times. Exercise is not possible during an attack. Many are bedridden and feel seriously ill. In addition, chronically affected people hardly have pain-free times to do regular exercise.

5. Recently I read about a therapy that can cure migraines. My neighbor's sister-in-law successfully did the "xxx diet" for migraines. Have you tried xxx yet?

Tips of this kind are well-intentioned, but are more of a nuisance for those affected than helpful. You are usually very well informed about your own illness and have endured all the alternative attempts in the past, only losing time and money in the process.

6. Find a hobby, distract yourself!

Would you advise a patient with a broken leg to take up a hobby to speed up healing? Distraction can be helpful for minor complaints, but it can neither prevent attacks nor make them easier to endure.

7. Take a pill!

If only it were that easy. Of course, the attack will be treated, but usually there is not just the pain, but other severely disabling conditions as described above. In addition, not every tablet works reliably and sufficiently well, and it is usually not enough with a single tablet. What is also overlooked by those who are not affected is that those affected by the chronic form of the disease in particular have to take several medications every day for prophylaxis.

8. Migraine is a women's disease.

It is true that more women are affected by migraines than men because of the hormonal triggers. Apart from that, this genetic neurological pain disorder affects both women and men.

9. Migraines are psychological, the illness is trying to tell you something.

Migraine is a primary disease in its own right and is never a symptom of another disease! Those affected are neither unwilling to work, mentally ill nor are they looking for attention. They just expect not to be discriminated against by prejudices of this kind.

10. You probably cannot tolerate a food. Have you already been to a naturopath? You have to remove the toxins from your body, purify, deacidify, and avoid carbohydrates.

Migraine is an independent neurological disease that is not caused by allergies. There is also no poisoning in the body, nothing needs to be eliminated, purified or deacidified. Diets are ineffective. What is more important is a wholesome mixed diet that should contain enough carbohydrates. The brain can best and quickly get the energy it needs from carbohydrates.

11. If you don't try this or that, no one can help you. Think about why you want to keep your migraines.

These or similar tips and questions do not help anyone affected. They make you sad, isolate and discriminate.

Have you ever heard advice like this?

Do you know more? Feel free to add in the comments… tips based on The Migraine Dirty Dozen