Kiel Headache and Pain Centre: Outline

Kiel Headache and Pain Centre: Insight

Integrated and coordinated multimodal therapy

The Kiel Headache and Pain Centre offers the most up-to-date international treatment standards for chronic pain. Start the video to learn more about the treatments offered and to hear some feedback from our patients.
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Kiel Headache and Pain Centre

In order to further improve treatment in the future, our scientific focus rests on the diagnosis, treatment and research of neurological pain disorder, migraine and other headaches.
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Competence centre for cluster headache

Cluster headache is regarded as one of the most severe pain disorders known to mankind. Shooting attacks of pain that last 15 to 180 minutes appear up to eight times per day and cause unilateral severe pain in the region of the eyes, the forehead, or the temple.
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Areas of focus

All forms of primary and secondary headaches, acute and chronic forms as well as their complications.
Primary and symptomatic head and facial neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, all forms of facial pain.
Nerve root irritations, pain after an intervertebral disk operation, diseases of the spinal column.
All forms of pain due to diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. Posttraumatic headaches, pain due to whiplash injury, pain due to axonal injury.
Integrated care means that the treatment is no longer limited by the boundaries of a specific discipline. Also, the separation of outpatient as well as inpatient treatment is abandoned. Healthcare professionals work together to provide the patient’s treatment with the most up-to-date, scientific approaches. Outpatient and inpatient treatments are matched as necessary.