This migraine and headache diary was developed for you by Prof. Dr. Hartmut Göbel and his team at the Kiel Headache Centre. It will help you to monitor the progression and treatment of your headache disorder. The symptoms and the treatment effects can be documented precisely and at any time, allowing your headaches to be managed more effectively.

It is very easy to record and evaluate the course of your headache. Headache symptoms, for example pain severity, pain character, duration and location, can be described. Accompanying symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, noise- or light-sensitivity can be documented, either by directly entering these or by adding them to the comment field at the bottom of each entry.

Traditional pain diaries only document data, Migraine App can do much more. The data can be evaluated online and changes can be updated at any time. In this way, you can see and track treatment success immediately. This helps you and your doctor to continuously optimize treatment.

If you want, you can also allow your doctor to access your data by sending these in an email straight from the app. Alternatively, you can print the email report and bring it with you to your next appointment. This allows your doctor to monitor treatment results and optimize them in this modern form of telemedicine. As the data is stored on your iPhone or iPad, you can make this data available to your doctor irrespective of where you are, even if you live far away or are abroad. The data remains exclusively under your control.

Knowledge is the best medicine! Important information about headache and migraine can be found in the extensive migraine knowledge section of the web app.

If you would like to discuss any questions about headache or migraine with experts and patients, visit our online migraine and headache forum at

This app is not suitable for self diagnosis or self treatment Treatment should only be arranged in discussion with your treating doctor.

This migraine and headache diary was developed after thorough testing and evaluation with patients and was optimized to reflect the exact needs of the users. It is very simple to use and limited to the information crucial for you and your doctor.

The language can be changed between English and German at any time.

Regular updates ensure, that this app always reflects current migraine and headache research.

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