Bridging the Wall of Headache


Berlin, 23-26. June 2011

The 15th International Headache Congress will unite medical professionals committed to reducing the pain and suffering caused by headaches. Please visit the IHS website for further details about the society, contact details and membership information. IHC provides the international headache community with an advanced scientific platform for the exchange of the latest information, treatments, care, and research of this debilitating disorder.

Contributions from the Kiel Headache Centre

  1. Epidemiology of Chronic Migraine: Prevalence in a Tertiary Headache Centre in Germany
  2. – The website of the International Headache Classification
  3. Development and organization of a nation-wide headache treatment network in Germany
  4. Long-term analysis of quality of life, costs, work- and social situation after treatment in a tertiary headache centre as part of an integrated care network.
  5. Long-term and sustainable reduction of work incapacity as a parameter for risk-sharing in integrated care of headache disorders.
  6. – A new social network for headache sufferers against migraine and headache
  7. Migraine-App – Education for clinicians and headache sufferers, monitoring of progression and success of migraine- and headache therapy using an application for the Apple’s iPhone