Interdisciplinary pain conference

Interdisciplinary – cross-sector

Pain Clinic Kiel Clinic Building

Dear colleagues,

We warmly invite you to our public, cross-disciplinary and cross-sector pain conference.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012
6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m


Neurological-behavioral pain clinic Kiel,
Heikendorfer Weg 9-27, 24214 Kiel, seminar room II,
basement, telephone: 0431-20099-120; Inquiries via email
for travel planning


Prof. Dr. med.
Thomas Herdegen Pharmaceutical Institute (Pharmacy Section) at Kiel University
Risks of non-steroidal analgesics

Possibility of presenting your own case ideas


The event is certified by the Schleswig-Holstein Medical Association with
3 continuing education points (Cat. C).
There is also certification by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in accordance with Section 5, Paragraph 3 of the Pain Therapy Quality Assurance Agreement.

Please bring your own cases to discuss together!

Best regards

Prof. Hartmut Göbel Dr. Axel Heinze Inga Petersen Anneke Nielson

General information about the interdisciplinary pain conferences can be found here

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