The migraine app received a comprehensive update 2.3.2 (2128) on December 9th, 2023. Many new functions have been added. The migraine app has been expanded to include numerous additional services.

  • The documentation of the course and the success of the therapy was expanded. The data can thus be evaluated in greater detail and in an aggregated manner. Patients and treating doctors can therefore adapt the therapy individually.
  • In addition to the MIDAS score and the degree of disability due to headaches, the HIT-6 score was also included to evaluate the therapy. This means that extensive parameters are available to track and evaluate the course and success of the therapy.
  • The results can be clearly summarized in the consultation checklist. These can be sent to the treating doctor digitally as a PDF or documented as a printout.
  • Acute therapy and preventive migraine therapy have been included in the Treatments module through two extensive current video clips. The different therapeutic approaches for treating migraine attacks are explained in detail here. The implementation is conveyed in numerous practical examples. The modern options for migraine prevention are discussed in a detailed application video clip.
  • Physiotherapeutic exercises for the head, neck and shoulder muscles are also new. These were developed in collaboration with the physiotherapy course at the University of Lübeck. They are also the subject of an extensive research project as part of the Schleswig-Holstein pension fund.
  • The migraine app also received an update on new drugs in acute therapy and preventative treatment of migraines. The therapeutic effectiveness assessment has been updated.
  • The nationwide headache specialist search has been updated to include migraine and headache specialists nationwide for quick search via the migraine app's navigation system.
  • Additionally, many other additions and performance improvements have been integrated into the Migraine app.

The migraine app is by far the most frequently used digital tool to accompany personalized, individual migraine and headache therapy in Germany. It has now been downloaded over 700,000 times from the app stores. It is available for download in the app stores free of charge and without a prescription.