The current possible risk of infection with the new coronavirus scares many people. There is a public debate about whether you should wear a mouth and nose mask. Although it does not protect you from possible infection, it can protect other people from possible infection. If everyone wore such a mouth and nose cover, their own infection would also be less likely.

The video above clearly shows how the air turbulences when we breathe out directly affect the person we are talking to and make infection more likely when we breathe in. A simple mouth and nose covering can reduce this likelihood. The exhaled liquid droplets in the air of infected people contain viruses from the lungs and throat. If these get directly into your own breathing air, infection is possible. Wearing a mouth and nose cover out of respect for others could reduce the risk. Now the problem is that the so-called surgical mouth and nose masks have become available to the population.

Migraine sufferers in particular think a lot about how they can help others and themselves. The anxiety level of migraine sufferers is ten times higher than that of unaffected people. What to do? “It is important that we learn from this pandemic that we also need a certain degree of sovereignty here or at least a pillar of in-house production,” said Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel today on April 6th, 2020 at her press conference in Berlin.

We do. So we help ourselves. If surgical mouth and nose protection is not available, I will give you a few tips below on how you can help yourself despite the shortage economy by making a so-called “people’s mouth and nose covering” brand yourself. Below are some examples:

An easy option is to use a coffee filter. The 1×4 size fits well. If you want, you can also put 2 bags inside each other to create double coverage. In contrast to surgical masks, these filter bags have the advantage that they fit tightly around the facial structures and so that the airflow does not flow up and down to the nose or chin, but is diverted backwards. Another advantage is that the moisture in the air you breathe is breathed in again, which can prevent dry mucous membranes. The filter bags can be attached very easily using a plaster strip. You don't need any uncomfortable elastics or loops over your head or ears. Filter bags are also waterproof, lightweight, cheap and easy to carry.

An alternative is a double-layered paper handkerchief. This can also be attached to the face with plaster strips. Probably better than nothing. And you can switch at any time. These materials should be available in every home. It should be pointed out: These are not medical respiratory masks, there is no FFP standard and no certification.

The virologist Prof. Dr.
Christian Drosten on the effect of mouth and nose protection. Droplets and airborne transmission are the primary route of infection. The good news: The possibility of infection through surfaces is negligible in everyday life.

Tesla founder Elon Mask also took up the keyword self-construction. He builds ventilators from Model 3 components. It's not that difficult either. Think of it as a kind of digitized bellows. His technicians just shouldn't constantly touch their mouth and nose covers with their hands. This could promote infections.

And another tip to combat fear: If you are worried about running out of toilet paper, there is a much better option. In online retail, for example at Amazon and other mail order companies, there are so-called hand bidet sprayers. One-off costs less than 12 euros. These can be attached to any standard shower hose. If the toilet bowl does not have a corresponding water connection, it is also possible to attach the spray head to the shower hose in the bathtub and sit on the edge of the bathtub for cleaning. Your private bidet is ready. Cleaning is much more effective than with any toilet paper and you will experience a completely pleasant feeling of freshness. You can think about why you constantly wash the cleanest part of your body, your face, with all sorts of things and, in this matter, wipe it over with dry paper. Here are instructions for making your own:

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