Eletriptan – the versatile one

The background to the development is the desire to have a substance with the following properties available:

  • Particularly long-lasting effect
  • Reliable recording
  • Low rate of side effects, especially with regard to the cardiovascular system.

Clinical studies have shown that eletriptan (Relpax) can have an even more targeted and stronger effect on the serotonin receptors. Like sumatriptan, eletriptan has a vasoconstricting effect in the area of ​​the cerebral vessels. In contrast to sumatriptan, however, higher doses of eletriptan are required than of sumatriptan to have a vasoconstricting effect in the area of ​​the coronary arteries. This suggests that coronary artery side effects are less likely from eletriptan.

In the vascular sections outside the brain, such as in the arteries of the leg, eletriptan has no vasoconstricting effect at all. The substance blocks neurogenic inflammation in the area of ​​the meninges. The strength of the blocking is comparable to that of sumatriptan. The substance can reach fatty tissue better than sumatriptan and is therefore better absorbed in brain tissue. In the gastrointestinal tract, eletriptan is absorbed about five times faster than sumatriptan. This quick absorption option is particularly important for migraine attacks, as rapid effectiveness is to be achieved.

Special features in keywords

  • After just one hour, 41 percent of patients had a clear effect on 80 mg eletriptan.
  • In addition to reducing pain, the accompanying symptoms of the migraine attack are also quickly alleviated.
  • The ability to work or perform other activities is evident in 75 percent of treated patients just two hours after taking the drug.
  • Side effects occur in fewer than 4 percent of treated patients.
  • Overall, the studies show that eletriptan at a dose of 80 mg is more effective than sumatriptan at a dose of 100 mg.