“Stop the Headache” uses modern psychological procedures and under the guidance of experienced course instructors to help reduce or eliminate chronic tension headaches or migraines in children and young people between the ages of eight and fourteen.

The aim of the eight-week training is to treat the pain effectively before it becomes chronic and to train the students to become headache experts on their own behalf. The children's ability to help themselves is promoted. At the same time, professional medical diagnosis, advice and treatment are made possible in collaboration with the nationwide treatment network.

childThe course program is based on the experiences of a two-year study that the Techniker Krankenkasse carried out together with the universities of Göttingen and Düsseldorf.

The results of the study clearly show that many affected children can be helped: around 60 percent of the participants, who usually suffered from headaches more frequently per week before the course, experienced a significant improvement in their illness. Medication intake also fell by around 40 percent.

The training at a glance

  1. Week: The headache overview - information about pain
  2. Week: The relaxation boss – learning a relaxation exercise
  3. Week: The stress manager – identifying headache triggers
  4. Week: The thought specialist – painting black and clairvoyance
  5. Week: The Attention Checker – Attention and Headaches
  6. Week: The I'm OK Master - Confident dealings with friends and family
  7. Week: The problem fighter – problem solving
  8. Week: The Headache Expert – Looking back at what you’ve learned and planning ahead
  9. Week: Final discussion – child – parents – therapist

Children in front of statueYou can find out where courses are offered here. You can also contact the doctors in the coordinated headache treatment network. You can reach the network's organizational telephone number at 0431-20099-400 or email iv-netz@krebsklinik.de

The prerequisite for participation is a medical certificate stating that the child has been suffering from tension headaches or migraines for more than 6 months.

The TK provides each participant with the course materials and, as part of the reimbursement, covers the treatment costs for the children and young people insured with it.